Friday, September 10, 2010

Holy smokes, where'd the summer go?

I felt like it had been awhile since I posted something (ya think?!?), but it really shocked me to come here and see my last post was week 1 of our CSA.  Today is something like week 14.  Where did the summer go???

I haven't stopped taking photos, of course... just stopped uploading and posting.

So please excuse me while I catch up on the weekly CSA posts... and then maybe garden updates... and then maybe some other fun stuff I've been up to.  As usual, I will post them on or around the date taken since I can't stand things not being chronological here...

All I know is it may not all happen today.  It is too beautiful to be indoors; however - all the windows are open, I have a breeze at my side, and I can't really go anywhere until I'm done babysitting the tomatoes slow-roasting in my oven.  So stay tuned!