Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Excuses, Excuses...

I swore that this time I would catch up on the blog.  With FOUR entire days off work, I was schemeing to get through all the backlogged photos and post some decent recipes... along with a giant garden update.  And yet... the weather - it has been too beautiful!  And my friends - they've been popping out babies like crazy and I find  myself wanting to hold them.  I am typing this right now since I already fit in 4+ hours of baby-holding today, and soaked up so much sun that I needed to come in and take a water break.  So let this be a place holder for now.  More will come.  Maybe just one or two pictures a week - but I'm getting back on track!

Things to look forward to hearing about:

I learned how to ski in Tahoe.

Dave bought a smoker.

My brother & sister in law went to Japan and sent us over 20 different flavors of Kit Kat. 
I plan to rate each flavor.