Saturday, May 29, 2010

4 years

Hooray for anniversaries!  Four years of marraige?  Even crazier: March 2010 marked 10 years (yes, TEN) together.  Dave planned a lovely evening out to Dinner at the Milton Inn.  Check out their site and see all the awards they've won... crazy stuff.  Although we're an old married couple... we felt like we wouldn't really fit in here for another 20 years.  Or maybe never.  It was very old-school hunting lodge meets fancy french restaurant?  Maybe?  I can't quite describe it.  Although the service and food was excellent.

Since I'm obsessed with food, of course I will share:
We split the Venison Pate for an appetizer: (example of old-school charm: when the waiter found out we were planning to split the dish he had it divided into two equally beautiful plates). 
I had the swordfish.  Dave ordered the rack of lamb.  We each had a glass of wine.  Everything was very tasty and fancy and I don't quite remember the details but it was lovely!

Then the dessert.  Isn't this cute?  Dave got the macadamia torte and I had the tiramisu.  This is the only point at which I felt I could whip out the camera, since hey - they wrote us greetings on our plates!  How can you not record that?

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