Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I. Am. So. Behind!

So much for catching up over the long weekend, eh?  Please don't worry - I haven't fallen off the face of the earth... just been living the real life too FAST.  Not making the time to slow down and contemplate and write about stuff... 

I have been taking pictures of the garden progress though, so sometime soon I will probably be updating the weekly garden posts in a back-dated manner since I can't stand things being out of order chronologically.

Things to look forward to hearing about:
-I biked 140 miles (in two days)!
-Rhubarb has come and gone.  How did that HAPPEN?  HOW IS IT JUNE?!?!?
-Strawberry picking season is upon us. (two strawberry desserts already made last weekend...)
-CSA starts up next week.  FOR REAL.  If I hadn't picked spinach while we were out picking strawberries this weekend, we would have no vegetables in the house (slept through the farmers market Sunday...), so I'm totally ready for the CSA to start.

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