Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dark Days - Meals 1 & 2

Our happy local Thanksgiving turkey carcass got simmered (by the hubby, dlb) for hours with onions from the farmers market, carrots from our garden and I believe the celery was from whole foods (of unknown origin... dlb bought it).  Once we had turkey stock, dlb and I split it in half and each made a soup.  He made an Italian wedding soup, I made a southwestern tortilla soup.  They were both so good I didn't get a chance to take photos!
Parisian something-or-other carrots... which grow to have more of a beet-shape.  YUM!

This dish is made with collard greens from our CSA - which I cooked with a ham hock (left over from LAST YEARS winter co-op... amazing how things can get lost in the freezer!).  I then used the excessive "pot liquor" to cook some speckled butter beans I bought fresh at the farmer's market.  Served with a slice of toasted sourdough from the market, it was quite a nice weekend meal.

This salad was a combination of spinach, radishes, greens peppers and smoked swiss cheese, all picked up at the market.  I really don't know how the green peppers were in season locally.  Greenhouse?  They may not have been within the 150 miles...

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