Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dark Days - Meals 5 & 6

Here's the SOLE food that's been served up since the New Year:

 Steak from our 1/16 happy cow, plus potatoes, onion and mushrooms from the winter buyer's co-op.  Let's just say those green beans in the background aren't there - since they are straight-up from the grocery store.
 Husband took a day off during the week last week and made totally SOLE beef stock for me in preparation for the weekend, when I had plans for french onion soup!  In the pot were bones from our 1/16 cow (really trying to clear out the freezer), carrots grown in pots on our deck, mushrooms & onions from the winter co-op, and water!
 Actually, this was the weekend of soups.  Here's a soup I completely made up based on what we had lying around the fridge.  The orange color is due to a puree of sweet potatoes that were baked for another meal and I had a lot leftover.  Mixed that with some of the beef stock, added some SOLE sage pork sausage from the market, a jar of the previously featured, totally SOLE One Straw Farm diced tomatoes and then you'll see my cheat on top - diced jalepeno from the grocery.  I also added chili powder which was not SOLE.
 here's my french onion soup: onions - freshly cut in local raw cultured butter
 After an hour....
 After two hours...
And with the broth added!

Didn't get a shot of the soup in a bowl with homemade herby french bread and local swiss cheese all brown and bubbly on top - but I'll include that in next months wrap-up, since I made this just tonight and the leftovers will surely be eaten this week!

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