Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our weekly vegetables...

Last year, we signed up for a CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture. Basically, it's a great way to get local, fresh, organic produce at a very low cost (if you're willing & able to pay everything up front). You buy a "share" of the farm prior to the growing season, and in return get approx. 24 weeks of fresh produce. Our particular farm also sells half-shares, which is perfect since the average weekly share feeds a family of four plus a little more to freeze or preserve. Anywho - if you have the urge to look at last year's bounty, click here. Both dlb and myself loved the constant flow of good veggies, and I in particular enjoyed trying to cook things I was previously not familiar with (like this and this and this!). So of course we signed up again this year. But wait... want to hear the COOLEST part? Our CSA is so awesome it made the March edition of Martha Stewart Living! For real.

This is our farm. We ate those greens!

The only sad thing about our CSA is that it's only June-November. Our winter was barren... at least until we found the Winter Buyers Co-op at the market where we used to pick up our CSA! The Winter Buyers Co-op is similar to the CSA but different. Check out the link for details, but basically we've been getting weekly produce again. Huzzah for fresh produce!

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