Thursday, June 11, 2009

check this out!

I have a dirty little secret. It may not sound dirty to you, but it really gnaws at me and my personal goal of living as sustainably as possible... it is my love and over-use of ziploc bags. I buy them in bulk at Costco in sandwich size, freezer quart size, and freezer gallon size. I use Ziplocs on a daily basis for snacky items or whatever else I want to bring for lunch at work. They are just so much lighter and easier to transport than reusable containers which are normally bulkier and sometime breakable (mason jars are not the answer for everything... although sometimes I feel that way). I like the convenience, but all the plastic waste makes me a little crazy. Until now! I found these awesome re-usable snack paks, it oh-so-cute fabrics at And they are homemade, which makes me happy in supporting a home entrepreneur. Won't quite work for freezing extra soups or sauces, but for daily snacking needs these are eco-friendly and uber-fashionable. Now I just have to decide what patterns...

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