Wednesday, June 10, 2009

rhubarb madness

So for the last few weeks of our winter buyer's coop, we received what many people eating locally and seasonally are all about (or were all about a few weeks ago) lately... rhubarb! I love rhubarb. I love that it's a vegetable which is used almost entirely to make sweet desserty things, and I love it even more due to it's crazy tartness... I am a sucker for sour! There are some purists who say it deserves to hold it's own and wouldn't dare pair it with berries- but I am not so strict, so the first thing that I did was make a strawberry-rhubarb crisp. It was just heavenly, and of course - oh so simple. Since it was the first recipe of the season, I just wanted something simple and basic, so I googled for a recipe. I would usually do a food blog search for something more interesting, but I really wanted just the basics - so I took the first decent recipe from, scribbled down the ingredients on a post-it (our printer hasn't been working), and made up my own measurements once I went up to the kitchen... because it was a crisp, not rocket science - right?

Well obviously I forgot about this blog. If I had remembered such things, I would want to share the recipe with everyone and show a picture, right? I was too focused on the food. Knowing that the crisp would pair perfectly with the peach ginger-snap cookie ice cream I had made a few weeks back and was just waiting to be eaten all melty on top of a hot fresh crisp! So I threw out the post-it, and took zero pictures. Not a responsible blogger at all, but my tummy was happy indeed.

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