Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fine dining

Fine dining
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What do you consider expensive? I mean, when you go out to eat, how much is too much? I ask this because today I went out for lunch at The Ambassador, which is a lovely Indian restaurant with a lunch buffet for $15/person.  Based on this cost, Dave & I have passed over their lunch buffet on more than one occasion.  And we were idiots in doing so.
First of all... As you can see, the setting is stunning. The service was no less quality. All the food was quite spectacular. Beyond that - the naan was complementary.  I walked out of there feeling as though I had gotten quite the bargain!
I have yet to see Food, Inc., but i've read enough to understand that we - as a country - have serious issues with the worth (or lack of worth) we place on our food.  I truly get this, and have been working towards a higher level of awareness when it comes to the food I buy and put into my body.  But more on that another day!

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