Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Distraction #2: The Israelis in B'more

My job entails working with a group of teens who are a part of a leadership development program focused on hands-on service. This group of 20 Baltimore teens has a counterpart group of 20 Israeli teens in Ashkelon, Israel who participate in virtually the same program. They visit America in March and we visit Israel in July. So the Israelis were here and that meant long hours for yours truly.

I took at train to New York to meet them at the airport, show them around NYC for the day and then bus down to Baltimore. After a quick trip to Ohio for the above-mentioned funeral I staffed an overnight at the teen center followed by a full day of hands-on volunteering. I also got a black eye from an incident at Laser Tag (I slammed into someone else while rounding a corner - he was completely uninjured, of course), worked the closing dinner until 10 pm followed by sending the group off at 7 in the morning.

Did I mention that half this time I was driving a 15-passenger van full of said Israeli teens? Good times, indeed. Bottom line: this tired me greatly, and left very little time for blogging, let alone time for taking care of my new "pets".

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