Tuesday, April 14, 2009

News in the Kitchen: we have worms! (AKA: Distraction #3)

Hooray for worms! (both the receptionist at my office and the mail carrier that brought this package basically freaked out when they found out what was inside!)

I am so excited to announce that we are now composting our food scraps. Worms eat our garbage! I have been wanting to do this ever since last summer when I visited a friend with worms under her sink, but finally got everything together to make it happen. I put together a workshop through work for others to make their own bins, and as a result made one for ourselves. Very exciting, indeed.

Updates of their progress will follow - but after approx. 2 weeks, I am already seeing compost being produced! Yippee! Those red wigglers are very good at their job. However, we have realized that with the winter buyers co-op currently and then the CSA coming up, we need a bigger bin to accommodate all our scraps. Currently there are lots of orange peels and egg shells and coffee grounds; but also tons of carrot and parsnip peels. I just feel like I'm overwhelming the worms. The good news is - I have already made a larger bin (at a "not-as-good-as-ours" workshop I went to in order to research for ours), and all I have to do is assemble everything. This is scheduled for completion Wednesday (tomorrow).

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  1. FUN! Make sure you dump your coffee grounds in there too. We get worms from our kooky neighbor... only in Eugene :)