Saturday, April 11, 2009


I've gotten behind, so behold: there will be many updates to follow. I am listening to Weezer's blue album and rockin it out on this Saturday afternoon. I have treated myself to a glass of wine, since we opened the bottle to accompany dinner last night and didn't finish it - and hey, it is after 5 pm. And it is not bread, so I can eat (er, drink) it. I am craving keebler soft batch cookies since I have decided to keep Passover in the roughest sense this year. No bread. No pasta. No yummy soft batch cookies. Only blech-y matzah, and of course all the yummy fresh vegetables, meat or dairy that I want. And yet I want cookies. :)


  1. Weezer's blue album takes me back to the time when we first met :) We become Sephardic on Passover and eat rice, which makes things a lot easier.

  2. hmm... I am "sephardic" too. :)