Monday, December 14, 2009

Dark Days - Meal 4

This week turned out to be much more hectic than many previous... lots of catching up both at work and home.  However... it's Hanukkah, and so we had a few friends over to celebrate.  Everything we made was local, but since it was potluck, I can't say the same for what others brought.  So here's the meal we had the next day with leftovers:

It was a pancake smorgasbord.  The hubby gave me an electric skillet for the first night of hanukkah, since we had plans to make latkes-a-plenty on Saturday night.  So Sunday morning, we had pancakes made from a local-to-Nebraska pancake mix which was gifted to us and hand-carried by my in-laws.
here were the leftover potato pancakes (latkes), made with purple potatoes, one sweet potato, onion (all leftover from our CSA) and local eggs from the market, as well as leek fritters, made with local leeks (Tuscarora Organic Growers in PA), eggs and homemade breadcrumbs.  I found the leek fritter recipe on Serious Eats while searching for a good latke recipe.  I went ahead and used the spices as called for, but they really would have been better without!

To serve with all these pancake-ee items, there was homemade applesauce, a dill sour cream dip I sampled at Whole Foods and couldn't resist buying (made by The Farm at Red Hill in North Garden, VA, which I now know is actually 180 miles away... a mistake on my part, but the farmer himself was there serving up the samples, so I really thought it's be less than 150 miles away!), and maple syrup from my Amish farmer in PA.

I made a little slaw from some red cabbage leftover from our CSA - and called it a meal!

A little lacking on the protein, but there were eggs in there - right?!?

Happy Hanukkah!

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