Friday, January 8, 2010

First Thursday Photo Shoot - 1.7.10

So I've been thinking of adding a design element to this blog since I find myself more and more interested in reading design blogs.  Whether it be home design, product design, graphic design or fashion (mostly following what other people are wearing on a daily basis like Jen and Whitney and Amanda), it's something I've become more aware of and thought I'd start to explore here.
In order to ease myself into this new concept, I was thinking the first Thursday of the month would be what I'm wearing; the 2nd Thursday would be something design-related around the house, the 3rd would be me again, and the 4th would be something design-related I photographed at some point during the month.
So this being the 1st Thursday post - here's what I wore yesterday:

The scenery is a bit of a joke; I thought of this at work yesterday and had one of my collegue's snap photos of me in our awful bathroom - I liked that the old broken Kotex dispenser matched my dress.

On a side note; I almost didn't use this picture since it makes me appear a little too plump in the face, but then I got honest with myself and realized it wasn't the camera's fault.  Ever since I finished my last race (10-miler which I ran right after my last half-marathon) and increasingly after I injured my neck in August, I've really dropped the ball on going to the gym.  Add to that the fact that I stil eat like I'm training for a marathon and you've got problems!

In mid-December (yes, BEFORE the holidays) some office mates and I started a weight-loss competition in order to kick ourselves into shape.  We're all achieving this in different ways; one is a big weight watchers fan, another does south beach.  I'm just going back to my standard "eat less & better food, get your butt to the gym" method.  So hopefully seeing me every two weeks in a new outfit will also show you the shrinking effects of proper eating & exercise.

My buddy Max looking over my shoulder...

About the clothes, for those who care: I love this dress.  I have it in three different colors/patterns (mostly because my pants don't fit lately and I refuse to buy larger ones).  I found each color on a seperate trip to Target, and felt it was such a simple classic dress that I allowed myself to buy it each time at full price, which really wasn't that bad!  Tights and boots are also Target.  I feel like I thought the tights were more opaque than they appear here... might want to find some that really aren't fully see-through.  The boots are fun and comfy, too!
The jacket is from Banana Republic and was one of my best finds there - I paid something like $29 for a $150 blazer.  The necklace is from my great-aunt; one of the few "everyday" items I inherited when she passed, so it gets a lot of wear.

Dress: Target, $24.95
Jacket: Banana Republic, $29
tights: Target, $3
boots: Target, $15.99
necklace: from great-aunt

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  1. This looks like a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to seeing these