Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wasn't it just Thursday?

I really don't know how it got to be Thursday again... this week has really flown by.  I'll get the design post up by tomorrow, but since it's on my brain (and in my belly), I thought I'd tell you about our dinner this evening. 

It's restaurant week here in Baltimore (one of many throughout the year), and this year Dave was determined to go somewhere we would really "get a deal".  He did a lot of research and found that many restaurant week menus add up to no savings at all, whereas others are a significant discount from the every day menu.  He gave me three different suggestions and I picked B & O American Brasserie.  Part of me picked this place since they claim to use "only sustainable seafood and local farmers' products" and that's something I find attractive in a restaurant.  Another part of me had just heard that it was a fantastic place to eat - so there you go.

Here's what we had:
me: Hamachi Tartar with red Quinoa salad and sweet potato chips
(drink was citron vodka, kumquats, ginger and cardamom)

dlb: Crispy Pork Belly atop bread crumbs and vegetables

me: 24 hr. Vande Rose Pot Roast with Creamy polenta and braised vegetables
(plus mache and pickled red onions on top)

dlb: Crispy Duck Confit and Pappardelle with root vegetables (hmmm... just looked up the P word, and it's a type of fettuccine, which I don't remember there being on Dave's plate.  maybe they subbed with mashed potatoes?  I think so.  There was also red cabbage braised in apple cider on the left there.)
me: "Wicked Pissa" Cupcakes
dlb: apple cobbler with creme fresh

I just realized how late it is (10:30) and I am still FULL.  Such a yummy meal, and neither of us could clear our main course plates. 

(my plate after eating dinner... no worries - I packed that up to go!)
I did take care of the dessert, however:
reminds me of a zen garden.

Oh, and the bread was good... definitely a mix of white and wheat flours, and it was served with butter topped with basil salt.  That basil salt was extra tasty!

This dinner was def. a special treat.  Beforehand, Dave was totally planning on trying another restaurant next week, but after the richness of tonight's meal, we thought we'd wait a couple weeks (or months) to go all out again.  B&O gets my vote as a place to visit again!


  1. thanks for the great blog post! so glad you and Dave enjoyed your visit to B&O American Brasserie. we hope you'll come back soon!
    Amy, publicist for B&O

  2. What were the other two restaurants your hubbie proposed? Just curious!

  3. to answer your question Alexandris: Kali's Court and Adela.