Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday design post (from last week!)

Things got hectic and I did not get to this last week, but today I will make up for it!

This is what I wore Monday.  I should not have stood with my feet together (obviously), as it creates too great a difference between the width of my hips and that of my ankles (it's the truth, so I'm just saying it and moving on).  But I was on a small chair.  And so it goes.  The flowers were for Dave - his birthday was Tuesday so I filled the house with flowers (more on that later today).

Yeay power lines!  It was *almost* still light out when we got home from work.  ALMOST.

Close-up of the jacket.  I love that it's both black AND brown, so it goes with everything, but I most often wear this with a bright pink to go with the magenta stripe in the fabric.  Puts a little kick into an outfit.
Sadly, it took years of sitting in the back of my closet before I suddenly realized that this jacket is a gem and should be worn in heavy rotation.  I like how the arms are a little long and flare out at the end.
And not to forget my favorite part... MY NEW BOOTS!  These are one of three pairs I bought last week in a crazy fit of boot-buying at the local shoe and chocolate shop (don't YOU have a local shoe and chocolate shop?).  They were having a one day sale.  I actually have deep regrets for not going back and getting the fourth pair of boots that I had told myself would just be too much.  I really don't buy shoes all that often - especially boots since they rarely fit over my enormous calves!  This pair and one other are by OTBT (Off The Beaten Track), and they are ultra comfy.  I will be on the lookout for more of this brand in the future, because they are just heavenly!

UPDATE: (forgot details)
white collared shirt is short-sleeved; Columbia sportswear on sale at REI
pink sweater vest: Cherokee from Target
jacket from H&M circa 2005
Mossimo black skinny jeans from Target
OTBT boots from Ma Petite Shoes in Hampden, hon!

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