Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Design Post

Today was an odd day.  I was technically "working," but work consisted of driving a 15-passenger van full of Israeli teenagers around Baltimore site-seeing in the most beautiful weather we've had all year.  What can I tell you... I get paid to do good work.

The highlight of the day was twofold: being outside in the beautiful sun most of the day, and getting to go to the National Aquarium for the rest of the time.  I've never been to the aquarium since the ticket prices are rather absurd, but after seeing it today - I may splurge in the future to go with visitors.  It's quite an aquarium!

Here's me being a tourist with Mr. Great White of Jaws.

The dolphins blew bubbles at us... the jellyfish exhibit was INSANE!

This made me laugh... a crab, in its "natural" Chesapeake Bay Habitat. 
I wonder if they add toxins to the water to make it feel at home?

Relaxing in the Inner Harbor soaking in the sun...

Taking a small rest on the pavement while waiting for the group to meet up and head back uptown.

After all the fun of the day, this evening Dave and I switched gears to go visit a friend whose grandmother had died and was sitting shiva.  I added the blazer to try and not stick out without having to change entirely.

skinny blue jeans: Mossimo from Target
green tank: Gilligan & O'Malley from Target
white button-up (in shark photo): Columbia Titanium line (it's SPF 30!)
sunglasses: H&M
blazer: another awesome sale purchase at Banana Republic
sneakers: Simple from Marshalls

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