Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Design Post - this week!

Nothing brightens up a home more than flowers.  Dave and I both appreciate having flowers around the house, so in addition to buying him the cookbook I Know How to Cook, I got off work early and showered our home with flowers the day before his birthday as a surprise gift.  Bonus for the both of us!

Here is a photo tour of the flowers:
I LOVE Hydrangeas.  If you are detail-oriented, you may notice that in my clothing photos, there were two bunches of hydrangeas, whereas here there is just one.  Sadly, for some reason the white bunch just shriveled away to nothing overnight.  Didn't even leave a note to explain itself!

I love the contrast of the roses with the deep purple and kermit green!

I put the flowers where I knew he would enjoy their presence most (flanking the TV).

These roses opened up beautifully almost instantly!

I love putting flowers in the bathroom.  It makes you feel like you're in a fancy hotel and you should tip the towel guy on the way out.  Conveniently we have two bathrooms:

This is in the master bath.

and this is in the half bath.

All flowers were purchased at Trader Joes!

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