Friday, April 16, 2010

Food & Faith Challenge: Creation

This week's topic is Creation.

•What are examples of sustainable agriculture you’ve encountered? Do you know farmers who are actively improving their farm’s soil, water quality, treatment of animals, biodiversity, or community involvement?
The CSA we buy into has a fantastic set-up on a large scale (one of the largest in the country) although small enough that they invite all the shareholders for a tour and a picnic dinner, and then a couple I am friends with back in Nebraska have been starting sustainable agriculture on a much smaller scale with their start-up farm and CSA.

•Walk slowly and mindfully through a piece of land that’s important to you.
I took a stroll through our very small city back yard (stroll might be exaggerating!) and tried to imagine what our small garden will look like when it is the middle of June or July and the plants are bursting with fruits.  The land is not even our own - but the fact that we have made a choice to amend and nurture the earth in hopes of providing ourselves with food (we are still young enough gardeners to get really excited about the fact that WE GREW THAT TOMATO!!!) increases the value of the land ten-fold!

Watch Food, Inc. and post a review on your blog or email me your thoughts.
I am bummed about the timing of this action item and urge everyone who hasn't already watched the film to watch Food, Inc. for its television premier on PBS April 21st! That is my plan (although it's absurd we haven't already watched it through Netflix, I am very happy to support public television!).

Sorry to be short, but I wanted to get in under deadline for this week and it is also WAY past my bedtime!

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  1. Thank you so much for participating! That is so awesome that you are growing something. I am hoping to do that this summer :-)