Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Garden Update

This is one of Dave's Okra buckets I forgot to photo last week.

This is the current set-up on our back deck.  From left to right: spinach, cilantro, ruby orach, mixed salad greens, ceramic pet frog, carrots, mint & lavendar that both survived the winter.

Here are the growing snap peas.  Also - I forgot to mention that last week (April 11) I planted Early Scarlet Globe Radishes and White Hailstone Radishes from Baker Creek.  Look - they are sprouting already (directly to the right and slightly above the middle pea plant)!!!

Look at these cute little sprouts - they are Yellow Wonder Wild Strawberry plants!!!

Dave transfered some of the tomato plants into larger containers... I'm not sure they were quite ready, but we shall see!

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