Monday, April 12, 2010

Garden Update

Lots of stuff in the ground this week - woohoo!
Amish Snap Peas from Seed Savers Exchange

Dinosaur/Lacinato Kale from Seeds of Change

This shot shows the kale on the right and Broccolli Raab from Seeds of Change on the left.  Not sure if those will make it - they're rather leggy... they were started from seed in a tiny little container all together in our kitchen window sill months ago!

This shows the garden in relation to the rest of our little yard.

No pictures for the remainder of today's planting since nothing has sprouted yet, but I also planted Ruby Orach (Mountain Spinach) & Tarpy F-1 Spinach from Seeds of Change in window boxes, Cilantro from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds in an old salad container and St. Valery & Atomic Red carrots from Bakers Creek in a round 21 quart planter.

We also gave our indoor plants a little sunshine to start hardening them off:

Don't worry... we're planning on giving some of these away!

One last thing: Dave is growing Okra in two 5-gallon buckets on the front porch.  I forgot to take pictures, but they are already impressive little sprouts!

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