Monday, February 22, 2010

Dark Days - Week 14

This week I got a tiny bit more creative since I felt I had the energy to put something together on Sunday.  It didn't hurt that our co-op share was enormous this week!

I started with a recipe for roasted turnips and beets in a yogurt mint sauce.  I actually didn't have any mint, so it ended up being a yogurt dill sauce!  The recipe was from a great food demo at Mill Valley where we get our co-op.  It was tailored specifically to what we had just received over the past couple weeks.  I unfortunately was unable to go, but of course Cheryl was nice enough to post all the recipes on her blog.  Go there to check out the details for this salad.

Here the veggies are nice and roasted:

And then combined with the yogurt sauce:

For the main dish I prepared spelt pasta with a bison meat sauce.  The sauce had ground bison, onions, carrots, LOTS of cremini mushrooms - and then for the tomato base I actually used a big jar of locally made salsa (ha ha... it was $3 less than the pasta sauce, and it was mild, so I figured it was practically the same thing!).  I think the biggest hole in my local food pantry has been the lack of tomatoes since we didn't get enough to can due to the blight!

I added generous amounts of dried spicy oregano we harvested from our plant after we accidently forgot to continue watering it inside and it dried up and died.  I think that really made the difference in turning the salsa into a pasta sauce.

That's it for this week... although if you count frozen previously made soups, I also had another serving each of french onion and beef/cabbage/white bean.  I love being about to whip out those single serving soups for a nice warm meal!


  1. Hi Jennie, that looks splendid! I just wanted you to know that you won the seeds and gardening book. I'll need your snail mail addy to send you the book and seeds. Congrats.~~Dee