Friday, February 26, 2010

Dinner last night

Have you ever heard of groupons?  Well, dlb is recently obsessed with them, and as a result we will be trying lots of new restaurants in the next year.  (he also got me a massage, so no complaints here).

Last night we went to The Reserve in Federal Hill after work.
Brie, Bacon, Lobster Mac & Cheese.  Seriously.

Seared Scallops with a pile of mango chutney with a lavender syrup

Bison Burger with cheese + fries (SOOOO good)

Arugula salad with candied walnuts, craisins, mustard dressing and bell pepper strips.  The balls are gorgonzola almond fritters.  They were crazy!

I ended up taking home leftover salad AND mac and cheese... the salad was lunch today (after adding some spinach and chickpeas), and the mac and cheese became my dinner, after adding sauteed spinach & mushrooms.  Voila:

I am a HUGE fan of using even the tiniest amount of leftovers in repurposed form for future meals because it just KILLS me to throw away perfectly good food, and thankfully I've gotten past the point in my life where the solution to that was clearing my plate wherever we ate (can we say tummy ache?).

The food was all very tasty... the only critique I have was for the mac and cheese: I'm not sure Brie is my cheese of choice for a pasta dish.  Turkey Brie Cherry Chutney sandwich at Golden West - totally sold.  Brie wrapped in crescent roll and baked into deliciousness - yes, please.  But melted in a mac & cheese setting?  Not as big a fan.

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