Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Buyers Co-op, Week 2

Here's what we brought home Thursday from Mill Valley: green cabbage (a big one!), cremini mushrooms (fyi, last weeks were white button), carrots, butter, bison breakfast sausage.  Just 5 items.  We held off on getting a fruit for the week since the produce from Baughers hadn't arrived due to snow issues.

It was awesome that they were open... and it was a fun walk to go and pick up our share.  (correction: I enjoyed the walk, however dlb did not.  His boots have lost their water-proofness and the slush made his feet awfully cold).  The streets were busy with foot traffic and the occasional truck, and it was good to get out and walk around, since my gym was still closed and I was jonesing for some cardio outside the house.

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