Thursday, February 4, 2010

What I Wore Today

Today I wore what could be described as the most professional looking "comfy outfit" I own.  The pants are as cozy as pjs, the blazer is not too restricting, and the shoes are overly sensible.  Funny story about the pants: the hem of one of the pant legs came out roughly TWO months ago, but at the time I insisted that since I owned a sewing machine (albeit freshly packed in the box from the store... unopened and unexplored), there was really no reason to take them to the tailor - and I don't even have a tailor since my legs are generally the length of pants sold in stores, so I've basically never had anything hemmed.
Well, obviously I haven't quite pulled out the sewing machine yet... but was sick of not having my comfy black pants, so I brought them in Monday to the dry cleaners down the street - who I realized did alterations.  $4, and they were ready the next day.  FOUR DOLLARS!  ONE DAY!  I waited 2 months for this?  ABSURD.  All hail the comfy black pants.

This photo shoot is entitled: Jennie acts like she has a screw loose... in someone else's office.
Supposedly there was a touch better lighting in here, but it's all blown out by the flash of my stupid point and shoot.  Does my hair look that red in reality?  Not quite.  Only when I'm in very bright light.  Or at the end of the summer.  It's actually a nice camera... just not as nice as the hubby's SLR at home.
p.s. look closely - notice the striped lining on the sleeves?  half the reason I bought the jacket!
Really, REALLY, blown out with the flash.

Here's a refreshing photo with the Canon at home.  Still would have been nicer in natural light, but lo and behold the sun was gone.  This is one of my favorite necklaces of all time.

Black pants - GAP, circa 2004
V-neck beige striped shirt - GAP, circa 2008
Purple velour blazer (AKA my willy wonka jacket) - Rafaella at Filene's Basement, 2006?
Loafers - Born from the shoe closet at Von Maur
Necklace - CADIM ceramic co-op, Jerusalem

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