Thursday, February 11, 2010

Design Thursday: Our House

I made a fatal mistake when I put out the idea that I would be sharing posts on design from our house: I would have to make our house presentable enough to photograph and share with the world.
At first I was even at a loss as to what I would post... what is blog-worthy enough in our humble abode???
Well... I think I have somewhere to start, and maybe it will have to be a goal of mine to straighten things up enough that I can take a few photos each month.  It wouldn't be a terrible thing for things to be a little more orderly here!

This week I'm going to show one little section of the wall in our living room that I would call a creative use of the space that we're given.  With the door to our 1/2 bath to the left and the entry to our kitchen to the right, this is a small little swatch of wall.  It is further complicated by the thermostat (digitally programmable energy efficient thanks to BGE!), and an intake vent for the heating and cooling system.

My solution was to hang this little triad of paintings I did for a history of photography class back in undergrad.  I can't remember the artist I was emulating (if you figure it out, let me know!), but it was indeed an assignment where you mimic the style or process of a known photographer.  I found this to be a curious solution to the assignment, since at the time I was a photo major considering switching to a painting major - and this artist took found tin-types and created a new piece of art by incorporating them into a painting of his own.  I was thrilled to get away with submitting a painting for a photo assignment!  These bring back fond memories of sitting with friends at Village Inn, working on the assignment (yes - I had my paints out in the restaurant!) and finding visual inspiration from my friend Becky's biology book (or was it chemistry?) for the orange painting in particular.

Anywho... I recruited the hubby to hang them since they have no proper backing or frames and in the past had simply been displayed on a wall shelf.  His solution was 3 little tiny nails acting as brackets of sorts to hold them on the wall.  I love how it turned out!

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