Thursday, February 18, 2010

What I Wore Today

These pictures are slightly silly because I just got home from a wine tasting and dlb was enjoying taking pictures AND making fun of me.  So that's that.
This is not the best representation of this dress... but it is what I have to show head to toe.  Some day I will get myself set up with a tripod so I can take reasonable head-to-toe shots.  Somehow I am not good at being photographed by others.

Coincidently, this necklace was made by the same artist in Jerusalem as the one in my last wardrobe post... also made of ceramic.

I didn't think I could wear these tights, but with the grey dress and the black boots I think it balanced out enough.

Dress: H&M, winter 2009 (I'm pretty sure I paid like $5 for it!)
tank: target, spring 2009
tights: target, winter 2009
Necklace - CADIM ceramic co-op, Jerusalem
boots: canfields sporting goods (Omaha, NE)  (SO good for the snow!)

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